Techno Funda

DTBook Conversion

Technofunda offers a complete range of DTBook conversion services, developing digital talking books for readers who are inclined to hear and navigate—written content provided in an audible format, including people with print disabilities.
Whether your content is stored in a Word file, PDF, InDesign, Quark, printed book or digital format, we can accurately convert it into XML-based file in accordance to the guidelines of NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard). Further, our experts follow the technical standards presented by DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) to create interactive and easily navigable digital talking books.
Besides offering the benefits of regular audiobooks, books based on DAISY 2.02 have up to six embedded "navigation levels" for content and for presenting synchronized text to speech. As part of DTBook conversion services, we add navigation tools and interactive features in the books, making it easy for the readers with reading and visual disabilities to easily go through, navigate and bookmark the content. While conventional audio books lack search and necessitate linear listening, DAISY books enable the listeners to navigate an encyclopedia, move to the next or previous sentence, page, or chapter, etc.
DTBook Conversion: Accessible Digital Talking Books for Individuals with Print Disabilities Initially, we convert the documents into XML-NIMAS files, which are further converted into digital talking eBooks as per the DAISY Consortium Standards. Our professionals make sure that the DTBooks are easy-to-navigate & bookmark, and contain vivid illustrations & searchable text.

Our key DTBook Conversion Services, include:
Creating and converting content into XML-NIMAS files in tune with ANSI NISO Standards
Adhering to DAISY Consortium Standards to create DTBooks
Accurately embedding audio files and adding visual elements
Ensuring clear, precise navigation with the ability to bookmark the files
We are proficient at creating DTBooks for a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, multimedia devices, desktops and special players meant for talking books, and with our services support government agencies, authors, publishers, universities and organizations, world-wide.