Techno Funda

Data Analytics

Through our Data Analytics Services, Technofunda helps businesses discover new ways to drive revenue and increase profits by converting your data into useful, perceptive and accessible information to decision-makers.
We are committed to provide high quality Data Management Services to our clients. We can be a viable business process outsourcing partner with apt credentials and capability.
Complete Spectrum of Data Management Services: Our comprehensive deliveries include Data Entry/Data Capture, Data Cleansing, Enrichment & Standardization, Indexing/Scanning,  and Data Analytics Services.
Accuracy: Technofunda agrees to provide 99.9% input accuracy, ensuring all our input data matches to the original legible visual source data, and is placed in the appropriate fields. In case, the text is unclear because of poor quality source, such items will be collected in a separate file and marked Problem Inputs and sent to the client for advice. The items on this problem inputs will be excluded from the error rate calculation.
Project Management: A project manager is assigned for every project. Our quality control team ensures that we meet the highest standards of client service.

Free Sample Service: To help us better understand your requirements, and helps you judge the quality of our work before awarding the contract.
Flexible Pricing Models: Depending on the nature of the job, we offer a choice of pricing models - hourly, fixed and dedicated.