Techno Funda

Data Capture

Entrepreneurs must have easy access to business-critical information, stored in hard-copy files, digital documents or any online sources to quickly utilize the available data in business operations.
At Technofunda, we offer a diverse range of data capture services, ensuring that your valuable information is available at the click of a button. Our professionals help you extract and capture critical information from all types of documents whether printed or scanned as well as online directories/catalogs. Further, the captured information is stored in a readily retrievable digital formats.
Our Data Capture/Data Entry/Keying Services professionals can enter all kinds of data textual or numeric with equal ease and accuracy. We provide our data capture services using the most advanced technologies including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) wherever needed. We are versatile and can adapt our services in consonance with the needs of a wide range of industry verticals.

Our professionals perform data capture from:
Printed documents such as reports, directories, exhibitors lists, instruction manuals, business cards, product warranties or index cards etc.
Numbers based documents such as financial statements, credit card statements and bank statements, etc.
Scanned documents such as patient history records, payroll records & time sheets etc.
Image based documents such as charts, graphs and photographs, engineering drawings etc.

Technofundas Data Capture Services: Key Features
We are adept at capturing data from yellow pages, white page printed directories and catalogs.
We use high-speed scanners to scan the hard-copy files quickly.
Using advanced techniques like Optical Character Recognition, we capture text and images from scanned documents and ensure that the data is accurate.
Further, our professionals proofread the captured data and make sure that there are zero errors in the final outcome.
The captured data is presented in the most suitable file format.
We hold extensive experience in handling large volume data capture projects with varying complexities in compliance with international quality standards.
If required, we can also label and index the captured data so that it can be easily searched and retrieved.