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EDUPUB Solutions

Based on the HTML5 and EPUB3 standards, it provides a content model, structural semantics including "remixability", extended metadata, LMS integration, shared annotations, distributable objects, and scriptable components.

The use of EDUPUB ensures that learners get access to high-quality, scalable, richer and more interactive content that improves learning outcomes together with enabling digital educational content to be reliably distributed, consumed, and interchanged across a wide variety of devices and platforms.

EDUPUB Solutions for Educational Publishing: Key Features

1. Metadata
Educational metadata
Accessibility metadata
Teacher editions and guides

2. Structure and “repurposability”
Structure of HTML content
Implement content that is well structured so as to have a reflowable EPUB
Promote the use of structured semantics such as footnote, assessment, etc

3. Scriptable Components
4. Open Annotations
5. LMS integration
6. Utilizing other EPUB attributes