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S1000D Conversion

S1000D XML Conversion Services for Aviation and Defence Industry Publishing is one of the most critical aspects of any business and yet often overlooked. If your company deals in components or equipment used in the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry, complying with S1000D international standard is a must for technical data delivery.
Technofunda provides a complete spectrum of S1000D XML conversion services to help you create, manage and maintain technical publications. Holding extensive experience and technical know-how, our experts help in converting Word files into S1000D-conformant XML files, thus helping entrepreneurs manage content in Common Source Data Base (CSDB), simplify data interchange between manufacturers, suppliers and operators, civil and military organizations, as well as multinational defence bodies and publish it as Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs).

Features of S1000D
S1000D is an international SGML/XML standard developed by the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) Industry, required for creating, managing and maintaining technical documentation within the industry.
Originally S1000D was designed for aircraft, but later it was modified for wider use (associated with land, sea and commercial components or equipment)
Managed by the Technical Publications Specification Maintenance Group (TPSMG)
Data modules are created and stored in a database (Common Source Data Base)
Provides ability to re-use data, thus helping you reduce maintenance costs for technical publications
Facilitates transfer of data and electronic output between diverse IT systems

S1000D XML Conversion Services at Technofunda
Technofunda specializes in delivering S1000D XML Conversion services, as part of which our experts convert Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, ASCII, etc., files into S1000D-compliant files. We cater to defense contractors, technical publication firms, corporate enterprises and branches of the military across the world. From graphics, captions, tables, section titles, hyperlinks, footnotes to headings and paragraphs, we can convert all the elements proficiently and with complete accuracy.

S1000D conversion process includes the following steps:
Our experts create conversion script that takes files from the source format to XML files, conforming to S1000D standard
Using the conversion script, we convert the files into XML
As per client’s requirements, our experts split the files into separate ones, having similar section levels as in the source document.
Once the files have been converted into XML, professionals go through the documents and ensure that the files are error-free and accurate.
With S1000D conversion services, Technofunda can help you create, manage and deliver technical information efficiently.