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TEI XML Conversion

TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) is a consortium to produce, publish and preserve digital content for research purposes. The consortium has also developed a set of XSL stylesheets to facilitate the transformation of DOCX to TEI XML, and TEI XML to other formats like HTML, HTML5, ePub and ePub3.
Offering a broad range of TEI XML conversion services, Technofunda helps publishers, scholars, libraries and museums in producing and converting academic and research material into TEI XML format and from TEI XML to any other format, as per the client’s requirements.
We have a dedicated team of TEI XML creation and conversion specialists who support in creating digital academic publishing materials, particularly dictionaries and running text materials like journals, manuscripts, monographs etc., for online research, teaching as well as preservation.
Creating Academic Texts Using Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
To facilitate seamless interchange of academic and research materials, Technofunda leverages the leading-edge TEI XML format and its features to produce digitized academic materials as per TEI guidelines in quick turnaround time. Our experts process TEI ODD (One Document Does it all) documents to create tags, attributes and schemas and deliver digital content in XML using the TEI.

Our suite of TEI creation services/ TEI conversion services, include:
Processing TEI ODD documents to create schemas or documentation
Converting Word files/ OpenOffice documents into TEI format
Converting TEI-based files in formats like Word, OpenOffice, HTML, ePub, LaTeX, etc
Customizing page features, metadata, table of contents, headings, numbering, layout, inline style, tables, figures and graphics to accurately produce digital academic material for subjects like social sciences, humanities, linguistics, etc.
Our PubMed conversion experts process complex images and scientific formulae in accordance to the content submission guidelines of the PubMed Central Library. Further, the content is tagged in tune with PubMed DTD/ Schema. Our QA team also carries out quality checks to ensure error-free outcome.