Techno Funda
Technofunda was established in the year 2007 with 40+ permanent staffs. But our Ramp-up capacity is of upto 240 staffs (40*3*2). Each staff has an average of 6-12 years of experience in Publishing Services (Journals/ Books) - covering wide area of technologies/up-to-date knowledge in the fields of EPUB3, XML/HTML Markup/Technologies, Content Delivery Models, Accessible content for the print disabled, etc. Niche areas are supported by domestic support freelance contractors as & when required. Offshore Delivery Model (Open to onsite visits).
Core Values:
Customer-first operational methodologies, teamwork integrity, trust & accountability, overall growth.

Service Portfolios:
We provide total publishing services like copy-editing, EPUB production, accessible PDF and EPUB, print & web-PDF generation those meet clients’ specification.
• From XML & any other input sources, we can generate Epub 3, as well as print & web-PDF.
• We have excellent know-how of the NLM DTD (De-facto in journal publishing).
• We have hands-on experience with numerous industry standards DTDs those are compliant with various formats in the field of publication and printing.
• We have experience in developing customized DTDs for our processes.
• We have in place, DTBook/ NIMAS production systems of accessible media for the Print Disabled.