Techno Funda

Compatible fully accessible PDF creation

Backed by 9+ years of experience, state-of-the-art infrastructure and an expert team, Technofunda offers all-out support to authors and publishers in producing web accessible eBooks for one and all. We help right from creating eBooks in compliance with Section 508 through to testing and QA, ensuring that the content can be easily accessed by people with special needs.
For PDFs to be 508 compliant, they need to be tagged. Tagged PDFs allow various assistive technologies (AT) to interact with the content of a document and make sense of it. There is no automated solution for creating accessible PDFs.
The most effective way to begin the process of making a PDF accessible is to create a document directly from an authoring application that produces tagged PDFs, such as Microsoft Word, and then convert it to PDF format.
To complete the process of making a document accessible after conversion, it will usually be necessary to touch up the tagging and reading order. There are a number of software products available to help with this process. They include:
Adobe Acrobat
NetCentric Technologies
Nuance PDF Converter
In order to focus on a consistent approach to making PDFs accessible, these tutorials assume that we are using Adobe Acrobat. It produces reliable, accessible results.
While Adobe Acrobat Standard software offers some features for making existing PDF files accessible, Adobe Acrobat Pro software has additional features to allow you to edit reading order and document structure tags for documents with complex layouts, like forms or tables.