Techno Funda

Composition for Book and Journal

We are currently managing few non-STM journals with XML first workflow and a brief of this is mentioned below.
As soon as team gets the materials, analysis team analyzes and send query, if any, preferable within 24 hours.
Clean up team opens each article to find out any unwanted spaces, character, etc. and passes cleaned up article to XML team.
XML team converts the article according to the specified DTD and moves to composition.
Image team starts creating images, if not received along with materials, simultaneously and passes processed images to the composition.
Compositor formats and paginates the article according to the specified style file and passes for Quality Checking.
Quality Analyst (QA) reviews the article according to the specified style file/guide and passes the article to the compositor again if any fault is found. If the article is approved by the QA, team submit this to Editor/author according to the process.
As soon as Editor/Author feedback is received, compositor incorporates the alteration and again passes the article through Quality Checking.
Once the article is finalized by the QA, team submit this to the Editor/Author again for final review. Upon approval of Editor/Author, final printer ready pdfs are submitted.
Team then generates Back End XML file and submit archive within specified timeline.
For Book production, the process is almost same with difference in few instances. As style and requirement varies in each book, team creates a sample for each project and submit for approval. Once sample is approved it follows the same production process.