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Image Data Entry

With image data entry services, we can help you gain the most out of scanned documents or image libraries that contain poor resolution, or misfiled images. Our experts can accurately extract details from a variety of image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF, etc. and enter them in a suitable file format.
At Technofunda we provide premium Image data Entry Services to help you convert your scanned images into a format of your choice. We will efficiently and accurately capture the data from your image documents and build you neat, workable databases which will help your business attain higher levels of productivity. Our highly trained and experienced professionals can handle great volumes of data with ease and turn around even the most intricate image data entry projects remarkably quickly. We also offer the most competitive rates.

Make us your Image Data Entry Services partner:
We are ISO certified for Quality Management System and provide the highest quality service. To ensure a near one hundred per cent accuracy we depute two or three data entry operators to work on the same terminal. Whenever there is any inconsistency in the data being entered by them, a software sounds an alert and corrections are done immediately.
We are ISO certified for Information Security Management and keep our clients data completely secure. We perform image data entry both online and offline. As a part of our Image Data Entry Services we also provide image keying services, image capturing services and image retrieval services. We are versatile and accept a wide variety of source formats. Our clients can provide us scanned documents in formats like TIFF, GIF, RTF, JPEG or PDF. They can send them as mail attachments, can provide them on CDs and DVDs, or as a secure FTP download.
We provide you a wide range of output choices. We will enter your scanned images data on MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access or any other format preferred by you.
We provide you flexible pricing options.

As a part of our Image Data Entry Services we perform:
Scanned images data entry
Image entry into excel spreadsheet
Image entry into a database
Catalogue data entry
Book entry
Data entry from hand written documents
Data entry from cards
Legal documents data entry
Data entry from directories and booklets