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Scanning And Indexing

Modern offices are strained for space and, as a result, try to minimise their dependence on paper. The constraints of dealing with paper are many. Paper documents are difficult to share, the information lying therein is hard to retrieve and they tend to take an enormous amount of storage space. Besides, preserving paper documents requires specialized staff and knowledge.
At Technofunda we provide comprehensive, adaptable and affordable Scanning and Indexing Services to help businesses run paper free offices. We will scan, digitize and index your documents and render them easily retrievable so that you can do away with those numerous filing cabinets eating up office space.

Make us your Scanning and Indexing Services partner:
We use state-of-the-art equipment. We possess high speed ADF scanners which can scan as many as ten thousand pages every day. Besides, we have flatbed, hand held and over head scanners. Our over head scanners are particularly useful for scanning books and fragile documents.
We can efficiently scan documents of all sizes. From tiny 2"X3" receipts and invoices to large maps and blueprints 24"X36" in size, our equipment can handle them all. We do all scanning in the highest resolution without the slightest damage to documents.
Whenever necessary or feasible, we use OCR tools to digitize a document's text and data.
We are equally skilled in developing both illustrated and tabular indexes. Depending upon what you prefer, we either index documents when scanning them or batch index them once the scanning is done with.
When indexing, we devise index fields that best suit the nature of the documents being scanned and the text, data and information lying therein. The professionals can also employ techniques like barcode reading to index your documents.
We can also perform cross referencing and mapping of documents to enable you to correlate and retrieve the data and information available on different documents simultaneously.
We are ISO certified for Information Security Management and your documents and their data will be completely safe in our hands.
We provide Scanning and Indexing Services at the most competitive rates. Our turnaround rates too are the best in the industry.