Techno Funda

Word Processing & Formatting

Tecnofunda delivers efficient word processing and formatting services to help you type and format all sorts of documents such as company reports, manuals, survey forms/questionnaires, presentations, resumes, newsletters, product manuals, etc., with complete accuracy and precision.
Holding extensive experience and domain knowledge, our professionals are adroit at applying various templates, borders and techniques to design and format your documents, as per your specific requirements. To efficiently manage your data, they use the most appropriate format, font-face, font-size, and page layout while processing your word documents, thus enabling you suitably structure and easily access and retrieve business-critical information, as and when required.

Key Features of our Word Processing Services:
Editing and Formatting – checking for logical flow, organization, sentence structure, transition, phrasing ambiguities, formatting and document conversion, etc.
Generating TOCs and TOAs – indexing, tables of contents, tables of authorities
Proofreading – spelling, punctuation and typographical errors, compare and track changes, styles and standards
Transcription – speech to text & video transcription services, typing
Workflow Coordination – project management, task allocation, quality & timeline management

Some of the key services that we provide include:
Text formatting: Our experts are capable of formatting the text, as per your specific needs. This includes formatting headings, lists and numbering, adding footnotes and applying title casing.
Tables and Figures: To ensure that your data is presented clearly, we use tables and figures. Our experts deftly create table of contents, list of figures and list of tables.
Page Layout: We design the page layout to suit your requirements. Our experts set margins, footers, headers, page numbering, columns and orientation.
Extra Design: We also create diagrams, cover design, images and spreadsheets, as per your project requirements.
Branding: Our professionals use the most appropriate font, color and style along with your company’s logo, front cover, borders, headers, lines and fills.
Captions and References: To support your figures, facts and tables, we add captions and references throughout the document.
Mail Merging: If required, we can help you create a set of documents such as a newsletter that you can send to your customers via email. While each document will contain the same information, it can be personalized to address each client by his/her name.
Correctness and Consistency: We meticulously check your document for casing, spaces before full stops and single/double spacing, if any.
File compilation: Our experts add images, tables and appendices to your document.
After following the above-mentioned steps, we deliver you the file in fully editable MS Word format.